February 27, 2019
location: Terminal Mall
316, Kyivska street, Brovary, Kyiv region

International Congress for sugar beets producers and processors is the main business platform on sugar market in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The key players of the market are gathered every year in order to get acquainted with the situation in the sector, innovations in the world of technologies, to attend lectures of leading experts, to determine the course of development of the industry for the future.

On February 27, the 3rd International Congress Sugar World 2019 will gather producers and processors of sugar beets and other sugar market players again in the walls of Terminal Mall with an updated program. This year, the focus of the event will be on the technological aspects of the effective cultivation of sugar raw materials and the production of high-quality sugar.

The audience of the project is about 500 participants: owners, directors, main agronomists of agroholdings, medium and small farms; directors, top management, technologists and engineers of sugar factories; representatives of international organizations, commercial, trading companies, deputies, scientists and specialists.

Sugar World 2019 is:
• the only measure for producers and processors of sugar beet in Ukraine;
• extensive topics. Panel discussions in two sections:
• speeches by leading international experts;
• exhibition area for the presentation of commercial companies.

Sugar World 2019 will combine two separate conferences, taking into account the interests of all guests. Management and technologists of sugar factories will be able to visit the section "Sugar production technology" in the main hall, which will consider issues of improving the quality of sugar produced, certification of products, energy efficiency and diversification of production, after reviewing current market trends.

Specially for the heads of agricultural enterprises, agronomists and raw materials services, the section "Sugar beet growing technology" will consider issues of pest and disease control of sugar beet, plant nutrition, as well as advanced research and innovations in sugar beet growing technology.

In addition to expert presentations and analytical reviews, visitors will have a wide exhibition area where they will be able to get acquainted with the projects, products and solutions of leading foreign and domestic companies.

After the conferences will be completed the participants will have a gala dinner, prize drawings and informal communication.

Do not miss the only in Ukraine the 3rd International Sugar World Congress 2019. We are waiting for you!


With support of


With support of


Andrii Dykun

Chairman of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrsugar"

Valerie Nikushor

Director of raw materials at Drokia sugar factory SRL Sudzucker Moldova

Alexandr Bondar

Project Manager, EnerDry

Andrii Voitko

Chief agronomist "Stefes"

Meyer Jens

Head of agricultural serveice in Ukraine, LLC "Strube Ukraine GmbH"

Alexander Akulov

Ph. D. in Biological Scienses, Associate Professor

Ruslana Butylo

Deputy Chairman of the Board of National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «Ukrsugar».

Vasyl Dolinsky

Analyst of raw materials markets of National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «UkrSugar»

Nataliya Matlok

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Marina Sidak

The head of analytical service "Sucden"

Nikita Kosichenko

Leading Project Engineer, Zila


Diversification of production and high-quality raw materials base is the main vector of the development of the sugar business.

The Second International Congress for Sugar Beet Producers and Processors - "Sugar World" was held in Brovary on March 1, 2018.

The event became a platform for exchange of experience and ideas between producers and processors of sugar beet, representatives of Ukrainian authority and international organizations, who took the course on the perspective development of the branch in Ukraine.

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Registration and conditions of participation

Conditions of participation in congress

Participation for sugar and sugar beet producers is FREE.

Participation fee for representatives of commercial companies is:

For 1 representative — 250 EUR (ex. VAT)

For 2 representatives — 450 EUR (ex. VAT)

For 3 representatives — 550 EUR (ex. VAT)