Sugar World 2017

II International congress
for sugar beet producers and processors

March 1, 2018
location: "Terminal"
316, Kyivska street, Brovary, Kyiv region

On March the 1-st, 2018 will be the 2-nd International Congress for sugar beet producers and processors - "Sugar World-2018". This year event will demonstrate the success of the Ukrainian sugar industry in 2016/2017 MY. Leading experts will analyze the achievements and make forecast of the future perspective of the market. Scientists, specialists, representatives of international organizations and government will share their opinion about the development of the sweetest branch in Ukraine.

Organizers of the Congress - Ukrainian Agri Council and the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrtsukor" - will cover a wide range of topics, which will be covered during the presentations and panel discussions in two sections:
"The market of sugar. Technology of production "- will acquaint visitors with the trends in the market, modernization projects, the development of bioethanol and biogas.

"Technology of sugar beet growing. Storage. Logistics "- a section organized specifically for managers of agricultural enterprises, agronomists and raw materials services.

We expect about 500 participants at the "Sugar World-2018". Among them: representatives of agroholdings, sugar refineries, agricultural enterprises, commercial companies, traders, independent experts, leading agrarian mass media.

In addition to two thematic sections, Congress guests will be able to familiarize with more than 30 exhibition stands from leading foreign and native companies that will present the latest innovations in technique and advanced technologies in the sugar industry.

The II International Congress "Sugar World-2018" will be held very soon. So we look forward to seeing you on the main business ground of the sugar market!


With support of


With support of


Andrii Dykun

Chairman of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine

Andrii Voitko

Chief agronomist "Stefes"

Mykola Oliferko

Origination and Business Projects Manager, Louis Dreyfus Company

Anton Stadler

N.U. Agrar GmbH


Senior economist, International Sugar Organization

Henrik Baekgaard Laursen

COO TOV Kischenzi

Alexander Grazhdankin

Commercial Director of Betaseed for Central and Eastern Europe

Carsten Stibbe

The head of services of international agroservice of KWS SAAT SE

Rob van Tetering,


Digby Beatson

Leading analyst, ED&F Man

Robert Schortell

Senior Researcher at Stoller USA, PhD

Oleksiy Orzhel

Head of Sector "Energy" office effective regulation "BRDO", the head of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy

Olexander Akulov

Ph. D. in Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Mykola Sobchuk

Chief agronomist of LLC "Agrodilo"

Marina Sidak

The head of analytical service "Sucden"

Maciej Czajkowski

Commercial Director of «Czajkowski Maszyny Sp.z o.o.»

Olena Lupiekina

Deputy director of raw materials, Yareskivsky sugar refinery

Ruslana Butylo

Head of the analytics department of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine

Vasyl Dolinsky

Analyst of raw materials markets of National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «UkrSugar»

Sergii Knechunas

Director of Product Portfolio Development and Management ALFA Smart Agro

Inna Vlasyuk

General Director of "Western Sugar Group"

Lyudmyla Chernyavska

Ph.D., Professor, the Head of the Department of raw materials, control and production accounting of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Sugar Industry

Vasyl Kharchenko

Production Director, "Krayevyd"

Mykhailo Sokolov

Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agri Council

Leah Kuppinger

EuroChem Agro (Germany)

Valery Sokolenko

Manager of Sugar Direction, agro-industrial holding "Astarta-Kyiv"

Olexiy Kryvolapov

Project manager in Agrarian Holding "Astarta-Kyiv"

Leonid Verkhola

Ph.D., Chief Engineer of the project "Teplocom"

Olexandr Bondar

Project Manager, EnerDry

Liubomyr Homichak

Ph.D, Corresponding Member, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute of Food Resources of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Nikita Kosichenko

Leading Project Engineer, Zila

Viktoria Fedorenko

Chief technologist of production management of sugar production of Agropromholding "Astarta-Kyiv"

Yevgen Lukashevych

The head of UTK

Olivier Deur

Sales Director, Maguin

Emmanuel Bruniau

Sales manager of the business unit Sugar & Environment at Maguin

Damien Geoffroy

Sales Manager of the Alcohol and Bioconversion Business Unit at Maguin


Diversification of production and high-quality raw materials base is the main vector of the development of the sugar business.

The Second International Congress for Sugar Beet Producers and Processors - "Sugar World" was held in Brovary on March 1, 2018.

The event became a platform for exchange of experience and ideas between producers and processors of sugar beet, representatives of Ukrainian authority and international organizations, who took the course on the perspective development of the branch in Ukraine.

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Registration and conditions of participation

Conditions of participation in congress

Participation for sugar and sugar beet producers is free.

Participation fee for representatives of commercial companies is:

- 300 EUR (ex. VAT)

Payment is made via bank transfer according to invoice.